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Tickets can be purchased up to 1 hour before departure

We would like to inform you that we are currently offering a 10% discount on ticket purchases made online and picked up online. The discount has already been included in the price for your convenience.

How to buy bus tickets?

The deadline for buying a ticket via online sales is 1 hour
before the departure of the bus


Choose a destination

Choose your place of departure and destination. Then choose the date of departure and return, if necessary, and the number of people traveling with you.


Choose a card

Choose the desired ticket and enter passenger information. It is important to enter each one separately so that each separate ticket can be generated.


Pay & Book

Enter details about the payer, after which the system switches to secure payment, which completes the purchase process. The notification will be sent to your email.

RENT a bus

Renting a bus is the best option for traveling large groups of people, regardless of whether it is a one-day or multi-day trip.

  • A simple and cost-effective way of traveling for a large group of people
  • High quality and modern buses
  • Safe driving with professional drivers
  • Suitable for organizing excursions, weddings, day trips and other event