The passenger can hand over two pieces of luggage for transportation. If the vehicle has the necessary luggage space you may be able to store more at the discretion of the driver. . Passenger luggage means suitcases, bags, rucksacks, crates, baskets, travel bags, boxes and similar wrappings and other items weighing up to 30 kg, which, due to their dimensions, can be placed in the luggage area and do not prevent quick loading and unloading.
Items that are not considered passenger baggage include : personal computers, video cameras, mobile phones, cameras, money, jewelry, credit cards, personal medical and other documentation, works of art and valuable reproductions, crystal and easily breakable glass objects, medicines and prosthetics aids, tools and accessories used for carrying out professional activities and rare books and objects made of precious metals and expensive metals, the safety of which is the responsibility of the passenger.

Where can I pay for baggage transportation? You hand over your luggage to the driver in person and he will issue you a luggage ticket and receipt for it. Passengers are required to have a baggage ticket and receipt with them, so that in case of loss or damage of baggage, they can report it to the carrier.

You can leave your luggage for safekeeping in the cloakroom located at the station in Makarska and Split. More information on 021 612 333.
The price of luggage is shown in the informative price list as follows:
Line Price
Domestic lines 2,00 EUR 15,07 kn
International lines 2,00 EUR 15,07 kn