• Stjepana Ivičevića 60, 21300 Makarska
  • Commercial Court in Split
  • MBS 060223351
  • OTP bank d.d., giro account number HR2424070001100639124
  • PIN: 33441364556
Promet Makarska d.o.o. is one of the leading providers of bus transport services in Croatia. We provide local, intercity and international bus transportation with high-quality modern buses and provide our passengers with a safe and comfortable ride.

Promet Makarska d.o.o. provides services both on the domestic and international markets. We are focused on connecting Dalmatia with the interior of Croatia, as well as transporting tourists during the tourist season.

In our work, we also take care of the local community and pay great attention to the transportation of primary and secondary school students as well as pensioners. In addition to transportation services, we also provide bus rental services as well as advertising on them.

Our goal is to ensure safe and accessible public transportation, as well as to make public transportation a preferred way of travel.